Grade 4 – Week 4

Grade 4 – Week 4

Witt, Ray, and Anna share their findings

Witt, Ray, and Anna share their findings

This week, students deepened their understanding of rights through a case study of two children—one from Syria, another from Uganda—whose rights are not being met.

Students read and analysed the text. They sorted the rights into categories (rights are met, not met, and not sure) and they were asked to find evidence in the given text. This reading strategy was used to identify the main ideas and what is important in the text. Students shared their sorting with a partner. Some students identified with the characters in the text through a role play.

Helen and Krystal's Communities and Responsibilities

Helen and Krystal’s Communities and Responsibilities

Students also worked on a poster identifying what their communities are and what they think their responsibilities are in those communities they belong.

Grade 4 students have started to think about their summative assessment task and will work on their projects next week. Part of their summative assessment task is writing a persuasive essay. They will use what they have learned already about the structure of persuasive writing including the use of sentence starters, connectives, and emotive language. Students will complete the task by Thursday, 24 September 2015.


Some of our Grade 4 students are interested in using Khan Academy to do extra maths exercises during their morning break. I have created an individual account for the students. I have linked their accounts with parents’ email address so that they, too, can have a look at how their child is progressing. Although it is not a requirement to use the site, I am able to monitor their progress and support their interests. The students are currently linked to Grade 4 class maths but I can easily add other online classes (coding, web design, etc.)  for each students.

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