Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands?

Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands?


For a learning community such as QAIS, embracing International Mindedness and Understanding is not an added value to the institution QAIS is, but a defining life style trait of ours. Each day, we, students, teachers and staff,  welcome one another with different sounds  and gestures that carry different meaning but aim at demonstrating one thing: we care for each other.


Celebrating the International Day of Peace at QAIS goes beyond the idea of reflecting on how to resolve conflict, for the relationships that find their nest in our school are defining elements in the cultivation of peace and its significance in our community. Peace is not just the absence of war. For peace to exist there must be a safeguarding of the basic human rights of persons, particularly that of being educated in peace in order to be able to plant seeds of peace that, once they blossom, will allow everyone to use their potential and passions to contribute to the construction of their present and their future.


“Not solely students and teachers, but people who care for one another” were the words written on the invisible label students and teachers wore throughout the day. Through their participation and involvement in all the activities planned, everyone acknowledged that peace starts with a smile, that smiles help us draw paths towards love;  that the fruit of love is service,  and that the fruit of service is peace. In other words, on September 18th, 2015, the QAIS family brought to life the essence of our Mission Statement: lifelong love of learning.

A reflection on Peace Day should not be an account that shows the reflection made by the writer, but a representation of the mosaic of nations we are, of the choir that the voices of all QAIS languages form, of the nuances in the experiences we get to live in our cultural kaleidoscope, of the fact that we are learning in fertile soil and want to see our fruits blossom.

For this reason, through images and sounds, it is my pleasure to reaffirm that at QAIS we kiss, bow and shake hands, for we are one for all, and all for one.

Ms. Katy Porray, Early Childhood – Lotus Cottage Headteacher.

Dr. Vanessa Rigaud, PYP 1 teacher and Dean of Curriculum and Instruction.

Mr. Brad Murray, PYP 2 Teacher.

Ms. Christina Szyman, PYP 3 Teacher.

Ms. Kirsten Loza, PYP 4 teacher.

Ms. Hailey Chen, PYP Grade 4 Co-Teacher and Chinese teacher.

Mr. Sean Oussoren, PYP 5 teacher.

Mr. Shawn Skinner, PYP 6 teacher.

Ms Maggie Meng, Administrative Director and Chinese Teacher.

Mr. Eric Blocher, Communications Director.

Dr. Eric Dustman, Head of Lower School.

Dr. Chris Viccari, School Principal, shares his reflection on Peace Day.


Teaching & Learning, and Language Coordinator

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