The Latest in the Library

The Latest in the Library

Greetings from the QAIS library, where we are keeping very busy these days. PYP students have created their own personalized library cards! These cards have helped to foster a sense of responsibility for the students, where they enjoy taking turns distributing and collecting the cards during each visit. The cards have also helped to streamline the check-out process so that students can maximize their time searching for the perfect book to check out!

In addition to weekly or semi-weekly check-in/out sessions, the PYP students have been participating in library lessons related to their specific Units of Inquiry. Some skills we have been working on recently are note-taking, researching, and summarizing a non-fiction article or story. We have also been discussing biographies, components of non-fiction books, and an introduction to academic honesty. Peony and Lotus cottages continue to enjoy weekly story times in the library, where we read, count, sing, and engage our creativity in art projects. Keep your eyes open for some special art work to be showcased in the library over the next couple of weeks!
Grade 2 has been enjoying some student-led read alouds, where they are proud to share books in their mother-tongue with the class. It has been a joy to see them excited to share a piece of their cultural identity! So far, Julia has shared a Swedish book, Karen has shared a Japanese book, and Justin has shared a Chinese book. Many of the students don’t even think about the beautiful gift of multilingualism they have; they can switch between multiple languages seamlessly! It is an inspiration and something to be truly proud of, so I’m thrilled when they volunteer to read to the class.

Karen readinglibrary card photo

We have many ideas to further develop the library into a hub of information that encourages learning for both students and staff! One of our primary goals is to expand our Mother-tongue library. It is so important for our QAIS community to have a wide-array of language books available in addition to our English-language collection. With the addition of our knowledgeable new librarian, Min, the Chinese book section of our library is being reorganized to make room for our growing collection! We are currently selecting more Chinese books to add to our library that help reinforce the IB learner profiles. In honor of International Day a few weeks ago, we launched an ongoing book drive in the community, and we greatly appreciate the new and gently used books that have already been donated! More Swedish, Korean, and Chinese books are on their way to our shelves, and we can’t wait to see what other mother-tongue language books come in.

Stay tuned as we implement many exciting new concepts to our library, and thank you to all who help encourage a love of reading to our students!

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