Technology: A tool of our modern civilization

Technology: A tool of our modern civilization

As PYP 3 students commence the path towards their summative assessment, Ms. Szyman invited me to have a brief tech integration session with students in which they would learn about  book creator, an App that they will use to organize the findings of their research, and to create a book about the civilization of their choice. Not only will using this App allow students to creatively present their information, but will also enable them to explore possibilities on how they want their information to appear.


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I have witnessed how this UOI has been evolving, as well as the layers of the learning that has take place. I have observed how Ms. Szyman has scaffolded learning, and how she has engaged students throughout the process and, therefore, I think that her decision of welcoming technology in the creation of their final product not only reflects the ‘now‘ of where we are in place and time, but also represents an opportunity for students to claim ownership of their learning, to show leadership, determination and authroship by creating a book, and to design information.

I am positive that learning about this tool will awake and/or enhance students’  creative instincts and will enable to become more involved with creation and sharing. Moreover, since the object they will produce will be electronic, everyone’s work can be shared with others in order as a token of the collective learning that has taken place.

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