Words are our voice

Words are our voice


On November 9th and 10th, Kenn Nesbitt, former US Children’s Poet Laureate, taught QAIS students from grades 1-6 not only what poetry is and how to write it, but also how to enjoy and laugh along with the creative process. “In my own small way I’m trying to do my part to help people laugh, and just maybe make the world a happier place,” he said.

As the children sat and listened, Mr. Nesbitt read one of his poems called “I Have Noodles in My Nostrils.” The group of 5th and 6th graders burst out laughing and smiling with every line. It’s more than just fun and games, though. The students learned valuable language skills like rhyming and rhythm, and these poetry workshops strengthened their abilities to learn and play with words in English.

After Mr. Nesbitt read a few poems, he invited the class to collaborate to write a poem together. “My puppy plays ping pong,” was the first line. The students were eager to add their own ideas about what should go next. “What’s the hardest part of writing a poem?” he asked. “It’s finding a pencil, paper, and a place to sit down. The rest is easy!”

These are some of the tweets from Mr. Nesbitt’s session with grade 5 and 6.

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