PYP 4 has a Special Guest: MYP Science teacher

PYP 4 has a Special Guest: MYP Science teacher

PYP 4 students are conducting an exploration into the natural world and its laws, as they work on the transdisciplinary unit How the world woks.

In order to diversify their experience and to expose them to the expertise of other teaches at QAIS, Ms. Canan Cermen, MYP and DP Science teacher, has visited the PYP 4 classroom a couple of times in order to demonstrate what happens when we mix different substances.

Needless to say, students have been excited about the science experiments. They have been fascinated by the details: How many ml of this substance combined with how many ml another substance, etc… Most importantly, they are becoming aware of the importance of observations, conclusions, inquiries, and continue to have lots of questions based on what they have been doing in class.

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