Architecture at Shilaoren Beach

Architecture at Shilaoren Beach

Qingdao-Amerasia-International-School-Architecture-Beach_4813 Qingdao-Amerasia-International-School-Architecture-Beach_4817

In the week before the holiday, Grades 5 and 6 trooped down the hill to Shilaoren Beach for a morning exploring architectural challenges using silicon dioxide and dihydrogen monoxide as their primary materials… which is to say, they were castles and tunnels using sand, water, and other things that they found on the beach!

In their current unit of inquiry, Grades 5 and 6 are looking at how “The design of buildings and structures is dependent on many factors.” By using available materials to construct model buildings and tunnels, students had an opportunity to reflect on how availability of materials can impact architectural design in our cities and communities. Also, when building a tunnel, students had to pay particular attention to the structure’s purpose.

Shilaoren Beach is only about 5 minutes’ drive from QAIS campus. We’re thankful to have beaches and mountains close by!


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