Food ‘Matter’!

Food ‘Matter’!




In order to witness another example of matter in the real world, PYP 4 took a field trip to Casanova, an Italian restaurant in High Sense Mall. Chef  Yoiri, a native of Cuba, engaged students in a couple of processes that exemplified how matter changes in the process of making food.

Students observed the changes that chocolate undergoes before it arrives at the table in the form of many desserts. Likewise, students participating in the spaghetti sauce making process, observing the different processes raw materials undergo in order to become ‘something else’.

This experience has helped students to look at the essence of the central idea for the unit:  Knowledge and understanding of elements impact different aspects of our lives.

Likewise, students had the opportunity to ask questions and observe elements pertaining the 3  key concepts selected for the unit:

IMG_6813   IMG_6836

Function: The understanding that everything has a purpose, a role or a way of behaving that can be investigated.

IMG_6835  IMG_6831   

Change: The understanding that change is the process of movement from one state to another. It is universal and inevitable.

IMG_6829  IMG_6833

Form: The understanding that everything has a form with recognizable features that can be observed, identified, described and categorized.

IMG_6825 IMG_6824  IMG_6826  IMG_6818

Other aspects addressed in the science strand (Materials and matter) for this unit also include:
• properties of matter
• uses of materials both natural and man-made
• chemical and physical changes
• mixtures and solutions / compounds
• substructure of matter
• an introduction to the elements and the periodic table
• structure of an atom

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