How much art is there in earth’s biomes?

How much art is there in earth’s biomes?

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PYP 2 is approaching the culmination of their unit on biomes. As they work on their central idea: Changes in the Earth and its atmosphere have an impact on living things, which is hosted in the transdisciplinary theme How We Organize Ourselves, they are demonstrating full transdisciplinary integration by showcasing elements of science, arts and language in their work.

After using class time to explore and learn more about biomes; students have chosen one biome (unique to each of them), and have made a choice on how to most meaningfully and successfully present their biome of choice. Through collaboration between Mr. Bradley and Ms. Pauline, students have been given the freedom to explore expression of understandings by considering and embracing different formats, techniques, hence recycling and transforming past skills. Some of the works students are producing include:

– self-made poster(s)

– diorama

– information books

Once again, it can be seen how dialogue and collaboration enable teachers to generate transdisciplinary learning scenarios in which learners employ all skills and knowledge they have already personalized and stored in their ‘experience box’.

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Team Tundra- Video

In the video, we can see how  #TeamTundra discusses their duties and evaluating decisions.

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