Arts, Science, Language and Fun

Arts, Science, Language and Fun

The grade 3 students have just completed their PYP unit focusing on the arts and how people use different forms of expression to convey their uniqueness as human beings.  During the unit of study the class went on a field trip to the Qingdao History Museum where they watched and learned about shadow plays.  The students used their knowledge from this learning experience to create their own shadow plays in the classroom.

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During the unit the class experimented and learned how light behaves to help with their performance. The students studied various versions of classic fairy tales and learned about the characteristics of a fairy tale.  They wrote their own version of a traditional fairy tale to present as their shadow play.

The most exciting part was being able to share their shadow plays with the toddler class.  The toddlers enjoyed watching the puppets and hearing the stories the third graders wrote.  They even had a chance to make their own shadows at the end of the performances.

One of the aspects of the IB Primary Years Programme that makes it so richly engaging for students is the way that it incorporates a variety of ‘intelligences’ and encourages students to develop their communication skills across different modes and styles. The opportunity for Grade 3 students to write and produce their own shadow puppet play, to convey their understanding of the fairy tale genre, is a strong example of this approach!

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