Life Beyond the POI

Life Beyond the POI

Naomi Shihab Nye said she became a poet partly because of poetry’s great mystery, and partly because of a second-grade teacher she had who believed poetry was at the center of the universe. Today, at QAIS, it certainly was.

PYP2 led an assembly in which they shared some of the outcomes of the unit they had just finalised for the transdicipllinary theme ‘How We Express Ourselves’. While the unit sharing had already happened with their parents, this take they took they stage and shared with the PYP community, allowing grade 3,4,5, and 6 to relive their memories about the times when they were in PYP2.

What can be appreciated from experiences like this is what could easily constitute life beyond the POI: where the learning is unleashed and shared; where attainments are presented in order to signal opportunities for PYP3. Events like this represent moments that can be used for reflection, not only to see how much students have learned, but also how a unit has transformed them, how their sharing can transform us because at the end, we are in this together.

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