A journey of questions and findings

A journey of questions and findings


The process of the PYP exhibition is like the agricultural pathways of farming:

it starts by preparing the soil; collaborating to establish a strategy through which new understandings will be created; and making initial decisions about the experiences one is about to undergo. After preparing the soil, students sow the seeds: they start wondering what they will look like when they grow; they start making predictions; anticipating problems and realising discovering ideas or experiences they did not consider.

During the germination process, students begin to see how the seeds they planted have come to life and how they are rising from the grounds. Students begin to deepen their interest in what they are doing – now they have something to look after; they begin to narrow the plans they made and start generating new questions about the new possibilities. Consequently, as they see their plans/ideas grow and evolve, they continue to collect information to better take care of them, to nurture them, to allow them to develop, to make sure they blossom in the way they must.

Thus, upon blossoming students start to think about what they will do with them, how they will share them, and they embrace the possibilities of taking action, because when fruition occurs, they will collect the outcomes, they will harvest and will have the opportunity to look at how well they farmed out ideas, which will result in propagation as they engage in dialogue about it with the community, as they look back and reflect, as they rethink what they believed, as they conceive future actions and welcome new ideas.

The QAIS PYP exhibition 2016 was indeed a good year to catalogue in future learning almanacs.

The video below is an entertaining summary of the explorations made, and the images that follow represent the harvesting celebration with the QAIS Community.

Youtube is needed for video.


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