Week 3 in Grade 3!

Week 3 in Grade 3!

What a week! We love to start our day with the Brain declaration that helps us to get our minds ready for an awesome day!

Building community is a priority in our class, having “Complement Day” is a great way to learn to appreciate everyone in our class!

This week we had our library orientation, now we are all set to use all the great resources our library has for us, thank you Ms. Megan and Ms. Amber!

Math is fun, especially when you start singing, dancing and practicing multiplication tables with songs!

And developing our skills for Mental Math!

Exploring area and perimeter helps us to make connections with their use in the real world!

Understanding our rights and responsibilities is part of our first Unit of inquiry Who We Are!

Making connections between the attributes of the learner profile and the attitudes is helping us to be mindful about our actions and reactions!

Who We Are is our first unit of inquiry and mapping the essential elements is helping us to consider different aspects of our inquiry cycle!

Reviewing high frequency words is a great way to continue developing our reading and writing skills!

We had a lovely assembly organized by the Chinese teachers!

We closed our week with relaxing yoga exercises, which is good for our well-being!

We are very pround of our friends who are constantly working on becoming the best version of themselves!

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