Grade 6 Trip to Jimo

Grade 6 Trip to Jimo

Grade 6 students visited Jimo Quan Primary School this week. Their two-minute Youku video of the experience is a must see!

Our students guided the Jimo students through a 45-minute English language lesson. Then, they taught them three different games they had invented in Mr. Reuben’s Physical Education class. Students bonded while playing together on the Jimo field.

While reflecting on the experience, QAIS students noticed some basic differences between QAIS and Jimo Quan such as the quality of the facilities and access to technology. Students were also surprised to learn that Jimo students go home mid-day and return to school after lunch!

Exchanges such as these teach students how to listen and respect children from different parts of Shandong and greater China. In the end, QAIS students realized they have more in common with their Jimo peers than differences. All the students appreciated making new friends and learning about each other’s personal experiences, skills, and dreams for the future.

We look forward to deepening our friendship with Jimo students and hope to host them at QAIS in the near future.

– Shawn Skinner, Grade 6 Teacher
– Reuben Fitzgerald, PSPE Instructor

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