Peace Day!

Peace Day!




Awesome week Grade 3! We love working with our Literacy Circles, exploring the different ways to analyze a book is a fantastic way to work on our Reading skills!





Our word bank is growing along with our vocabulary and spelling skills, we love adding words to help our class!


This week we had two opportunities to exchange experiences with our Montessori friends. Miss. Helena came with some Toddler friends to visit our classroom!


And we went to the Lotus class to meet our Reading Buddies , it was a great integration with our little friends!



We really enjoy all the opportunities to develop language skills through reading!



This week in Math we are getting ready for the transdisciplinary integration with our summative for our first unit of inquiry Who We Are. Using the different types of lines we created a rectangular shape to map our community…


We calculated area and perimeter for our working space and created the floor map of our community.


During this week we celebrated Peace day with a carrousel of activities to help us be mindful about the importance of working for Peace!


And as we are getting close to finish our first unit of inquiry Who We Are, we took some time to reflect on our learning experience and the different Attributes from the Learner Profile that we are developing on our way to become the best version of ourselves!


And we decided to create Super Heroes that will be part of our community. Their super powers are based on the Attributes of our Learner Profile…coming soon!


In our community we like to learn and celebrate each other, we are very proud of our friend Lisa who shared an illustration, where she was able to be open-minded, courageous and creative!


We are preparing for our Unit Celebration of Who We Are… Stay tuned!


We closed our week working together with our friends from Grade 2 to illustrate our Yoga Mat Bags!


And as always we are very proud of you guys for your constant effort on becoming the best version of yourselves!


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