PYP 2016 International Peace Day Carousel

PYP 2016 International Peace Day Carousel

Our PYP students at QAIS celebrated International Peace Day with a meaningful 5-stop carousel of activities.

Students engaged with their own ideas by reading “If Peace Is…” and then creating their own booklets of their personal ideas of peace.

From the personal, they moved to thinking about other children in the world as our CAS students Gabrielle Prasse (grade 11) and Sarah Ryou (grade 12) presented a short video on refugee children from Syria. Students talked about how they would feel in the refugee children’s shoes and then wrote postcards to be sent to the children in refugee camps to lift up their spirits.

From thinking, students moved to being mindful of their spiritual and physical selves through yoga. Students watched a yoga instructor wearing a space costume which got all the students moving into yoga positions and having an out-of-this world experience.

In the art room, students considered what peace sounds like, what feels like, and looks like. They then expressed this onto individual small squares that will create our heart-shaped Peace Day patchwork quilt.

To sing our spirit, students learned the words to “With My Own Two Hands” by Jack Johnson. The Peace Day celebration at QAIS finished with all the PYP students singing this song together as one.

“With my own two hands… I can change the world… with my own two hands… I can make peace on earth.”


文凭班11年级的学生Gabrielle Prasse和12年级的Sarah Ryou结合他们的CAS课程(创造、行动和服务)向小学生们展现了一段有关叙利亚难民的视频。小学部学生们观看后,根据自己的理解和反思每人都书写了明信片,期望借此给难民营的孩子们带去希望与安慰。

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