Grade 1 at the Qingdao Museum

Grade 1 at the Qingdao Museum

img_6812 img_6841img_6845 img_6829 img_6824 img_6822 img_6821 img_6820 img_6819 img_6817 Last week grade 1 students had a unique opportunity to visit the Qingdao Municipal Museum in connection with our central idea, “personal histories are documented to show journeys through time and place” within the PYP organizing theme Where We Are in Place and Time.

At the museum students were invited to analyse recently discovered artifacts from a number of sunken ships off the coast of China. Students discovered the wide range of artifacts (plates, bowls, coins, statues, vases, books, clothing, artwork, weapons, etc.) that collectively offered further insight into what life was like over 300 years ago in this part of Asia.

This visit assisted students to gain a stronger understanding of how artifacts contribute to our understanding of the past.

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