Happy Moon Festival!

Happy Moon Festival!

After learning about the legend of the Moon Festival, as part of our unit of inquiry Who We Are, we had our own celebration. We made Chang-E’s Jade Rabbit and enjoyed other fun activities together!

We decided to get creative and change the ending to the legend of the Moon Festival and shared them with each other.

Thank you Ms. Maggie for helping us organize a trip to Tongxuegnan, where we had an amazing time learning more about the Moon Festival and other Chinese traditions!

We visited different traditional Chinese classrooms and learned how to pay respect to the moon, an important part of the Moon Festival.

We learned about how to correctly serve tea, an important part of Chinese culture, and some of us even had the opportunity to volunteer and try it hands-on.

We had an incredible time making mooncakes and the best part was taking them home!

After our memorable field trip we took some time to reflect about our experience in our Memory Books…

In Ms. Apple’s Chinese class, as an integration with our unit, we wrote poems for the moon.

We celebrated Peace Day on September 21st with our friends from PYP. We had the opportunity to go around different classrooms and participate in activities related to peace: yoga, peace flip book, letter writing for Belgium refugees, a peace song, and a paper mural.

As part of a holistic learning environment we enjoy practicing yoga and we started working on decorating our own yoga mat bags with the themes of our six units of inquiry.

We have started Literacy Circles in order to grow as readers and writers. First, we read together. Then each member of our Literacy Circle has a job such as summarizer, discussion director, word wizard, illustrator, and character artist. We rotate the jobs so that everyone practices all skills. 

Having a positive attitude is key in creating a successful learning environment. We took the IB attitudes and tried to match them with the correct definition in order to have a better understanding of what each one means. 

We also took time to reflect on everyones’ ideas about what the IB attributes mean and after some meaningful discussion we agreed on a common understanding. 

We have been applying our understanding of numbers, addition, and subtraction and working together to solve story problems. It’s always great to hear about different ways of solving the same problem. 

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