Happy Chongyang Festival!

Happy Chongyang Festival!


We had a wonderful week filled with sharing!

At our PYP sharing assembly we learned about urban and rural schools from our Grade 6 friends. They shared with us their experience while visiting Jimo, a rural school, and did an amazing job taking action, we are very proud of you! Grade 5 sang a thoughtful song, Where Have All the Flowers Gone as part of their unit on conflict resolution. Anne from Grade 3 did an amazing job with her violin. We are very proud of our Grade 2 Student Council representatives…  congratulations Bella and Eric!

Thank you Grade 7 Learning Buddies, we absolutely loved hearing your amazing stories of how you got your names! You each have such a unique story and you have inspired us to be inquires about our own names.

We an AMAZING job done by our Grade 3 friends. We absolutely enjoyed learning about their learning process during their first unit of inquiry, Who We Are, in which they inquired on building communities. We are very impressed by their teamwork and dedication… congratulations Grade 3!

This week we learned about Chongyang Festival also known as Double Ninth Festival celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, this year it falls on October 9th. It is also celebrated in Japan where it’s known as the Chrysanthemum Festival. We began by reading the story…

In the story we learned that the Chrysanthemum flower played an important role in helping Hengjing defeat the demon that inhabited the Nu River. Therefore, we decided to learn how to make Chrysanthemum flowers, and in the process we realized that it takes time and patience; something we hope to remember as we continue on our learning journey. 

It is customary to drink Chrysanthemum wine, carry dogwood and climb mountains on this day. In celebration of the Chongyang Festival we practiced being open-minded and risk-takers and enjoyed some Chrysanthemum tea, while bringing into our classroom an important Chinese cultural custom. 

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