Who We Are…Unit Celebration!

Who We Are…Unit Celebration!

We were very excited to work on our summative project for our first unit of inquiry, Who We Are, which was all about celebrations. We really enjoyed organizing our personal pictures about celebrations that are important to us. We wrote about how we celebrate them and why. We then took some to share with each other and try to find connections between our celebrations. We really enjoyed the process, especially adding the small details.

Our pop-up celebration summative…

We organized our summative project along with other pieces of work to share at our very first Unit Celebration! Some of us also created our own celebration in Ms. Apple’s Chinese class as an integration with our unit.

We were so excited to share our learning from our first unit of inquiry, Who We Are with our parents…

Every good learner takes time to reflect about his/her learning…and reflective we were about our learning from our first unit of inquiry. 

In preparation for our International Day and 5th Anniversary we made flags to represent the diversity of our school community with our friends from Grade 3.

We had another wonderful Sharing Assembly. Thank you Grade 3 for sharing with us your musical talent with South African rhythms. Thank you Grade 1 for sharing about your visit to an elderly home where you shared your artifacts and stories. We were very excited to share our integration with Music and Drama for our first unit of inquiry,Who We Are, in which we learned about celebrations and did a play of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

We all had a blast celebrating our diverse QAIS family at our fun-filled International Day! 

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