Grade 1 Exchange with Seniors

At the end of our first unit of inquiry, Grade 1 PYP students took the opportunity to share their summative “suitcases” filled with significant artifacts representing their personal histories, powerful memories and stories with a group of seniors from one of the Qingdao nursing homes.

As ideal ambassadors of our QAIS mission, students demonstrated respect, caring, courage and appreciation during this cross-generational and cultural exchange. We also shared a short film and translation of one of our favourite books from this unit of inquiry, “Wilfred Gordon MacDonald Partridge”, written by Mem Fox. It was this poignant story about a wise, sensitive and “small boy who wasn’t very old either” that inspired our field trip to the senior’s home.

This powerful outreach exchange was both meaningful and successful, as evidenced by the joy and enthusiasm captured in these photographs contained in the video on Youke . We are looking forward to connecting and sharing further understandings and learning with our new friends at the Qingdao Chenyang Nursing Home in the very near future.

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