How We Organize Ourselves…Transportation Systems! 

How We Organize Ourselves…Transportation Systems! 

In Grade 2 we have started our new Unit of Inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves, in which we will focus on Transportation Systems. We began our week by organizing our Portfolios and our Literacy Circle folders after completing our first Unit of Inquiry, Who We Are. 

We began our new unit by working together in teams and being thinkers. We were given the central idea and lines of inquiry scrambled and our challenge was to organize the words so they would make sense. After completing this we discussed as a class which one we thought was the central idea and which ones were the lines of inquiry. 

We discovered that our unit is all about how transportation systems are created to meet our needs and those of our community. We began this exploration by sorting transportation into three groups: air, ground, and water. We each created two forms of transportation for each category in our math notebooks.


We selected the most creative design and re-created it on a much larger scale in our classroom. We then made the connection with math and estimated the measurement of the outline of each transportation model. 

We also brainstormed all the types of transportation we have personally experienced, seen, or know about. We categorized them into our three forms of transportation: air, ground, and water.

In this unit of inquiry we will be focusing on measurement for math and after integrating it with our transportation models we continued the fun by playing a game in which we put our estimation skills to the test while practicing length.


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