Road Transport Museum!

Road Transport Museum!

We began our week by dressing up in our favorite costumes for our Autumn Festivals Carousel. We really enjoyed learning about Diwali (India) with Mr. Skinner and guest, Día de los Muertos (México) with Ms. Cecilia and Ms. Jessica, baking delicious Halloween (North America) cookies with Mr. O and Ms. Jackie, and learning dance moves with Ms. Kirsten and Ms. Sarina. 

In our unit of inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves, we are learning about how transportation systems help meet the needs of individuals and communities. We had the opportunity to explore this central idea by visiting the Road Transport Museum, where we learned about the history of road transportation in our city of Qingdao.

We were welcomed by a model of the first car that was driven in our city…With the help of our guide and Ms. Alice we learned many interesting facts about transportation. We also got a glimpse of what the streets and transportation looked like in the past and experienced a very exciting ride of what transportation can look like in the future!

After our very informational field trip we were reflective and wrote a narrative about our experience.

This week we continued working as a team and using non-standard units to measure length.

We wrapped up our eventful week with another wonderful Sharing Assembly. Thank you Grade 4 for sharing with us your understanding about similes and metaphors, we enjoyed singing along with you. Thank you Grade 5 for sharing with us your field trip experience in a creative way. 

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