Forces, Motion and Super Heroes!

Forces, Motion and Super Heroes!

Our weeks in Grade 3 just keep getting better and better! We started our week creating some Fact Families in a triangular 3D shape using multiplication, division and 3 digit numbers…

We also celebrated our 5 friends who earned all 10 attributes, we are very proud of you Lisa, Charlotte, Beckham, Arthur and Kevin WK, you are great role models for our community, keep on working on becoming the best version of yourselves!

We like to explore Speed and Motion in our daily lives, our central idea for our unit of inquiry How the World Works is full of fun learning experiences!!!

Looking at different perspectives about how to explore Force, Friction and Motion we discovered a great element to support our learning… Will Power, “In a world where you can be anything… BE KIND!” using the same concepts in a different context how can we help to work for Peace… in Grade 3 we want to take action by creating daily life Super Heroes… we are kind… what is your power?

It is always great to be interested about what is happening in the world, reading is always good!

We love creating Super Heroes with powerful words to make our world a better place and writing stories about how they are making it happen!

Keep up the good work, you’re on your way to becoming the best version of yourselves!!!

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