QAIS Trade Day

QAIS Trade Day

Inspired from a story read in class, as related to our Sharing the Planet Unit of Inquiry, the idea to create a Trade Day was initiated by the students in grade 1. Creating a Trade Day event was identified as one solution that we could put into action in order to reduce our consumption, to reuse what we already have and to reduce the amount of trash that we create.
When we asked if the grade 5 students  if they would be interested to organize and host this event as part of their How We Organize Ourselves Unit of Inquiry on Trade, we didn’t yet realize how amazing in both process and product this event would be.
For the past week, PYP students from grades 1 – 6 were invited to bring in gently used toys, games and books that they were no longer using. Grade 5 students received these items, helped to assess their value, attached a fair price and gave the students “Q-dollars” to use to trade for “new” items today during the trade. It was an exciting and energetic morning as students from grades 1 to 6 went “shopping” for “new” toys, books and games and to see their “old” items find new homes. Any items that remained at the end of the day will be given to QAIS PTA president, Renee Dustman, and donated to children in local schools supported by the Qingdao Expat Charity.

The level of enthusiasm, collaboration and engagement was amazing. Congratulations to all of the PYP students , families  and teachers who supported this initiative  and were involved in creating a successful and memorable day. It was a sincere pleasure to participate in such a meaningful event. Putting this kind of authentic practice into action what the PYP is all about!

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