Unit Celebration How the World Works

Unit Celebration How the World Works

Our Unit Celebration week finally came! We were so excited getting ready to share our learning from our unit of inquiry How the World Works!

This week we also got the opportunity to visit Grade 5 for their Trade Day!

And we were invited by Ms. Trisha and Grade 7 to be the audience for their wonderful presentations!

Last details for our park to be ready…

Placing them in their spot…

Becoming Super-Heroes for peace…

A Hero is any person who really intends to make this a better place for all people…In a world where you can be anything … BE KIND!

As always we appreciate the support of our QAIS  family, thank you for spending time with us and giving us the opportunity to share our learning experience!

We are very proud of your constant effort on becoming the best version of yourself…You are the hero of your own story!

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