In Grade 2…

In Grade 2…

We started our third unit of inquiry, Where We Are in Place and Time, before the winter holiday. Our central idea is “Throughout history, people have invented and innovated to improve their quality of life.” As a tuning in activity we were engaged in a sort of 8 different inventions and their innovations.

We know that it’s important to learn from each other and we really enjoyed learning from our Grade 4 friends about the different human body systems; different and creative ways to reuse and recycle from our Grade 1 friends; and all about forces and motions from our Grade 3 friends…A job well done all!We also absolutely love sharing our learning! We appreciate our parents for coming to our Unit Celebration for How We Organize Ourselves, which was all about Transportation Systems. We also shared with our parents all the other learning that is happening in our classroom. 

One of the projects we really enjoyed during our unit on Transportation Systems was working together to create a steam engine train and a high speed train. We engaged in conversations about how trains along with other forms of transportation have changed over time. 

Our summative project for our unit How We Organize Ourselves, was using our thinking skills and creativity to reuse materials and create different types of ground, air, and water transportation.

In order to help us have a better understanding of how transportation changed over time to meet the needs of a community we created a timeline. In math we worked on various measuring activities and recorded our learning in our math notebooks, we also enjoyed playing fun math games using our measuring and estimation skills.For writing we focused on personal narratives. We began the process by individually brainstorming our personal experiences and jotting them down on a memory bubble organizer. We then used a graphic organizer to help us plan the beginning, middle, and end of our narrative. We also worked on adding more detail to our writing  by creating a more interesting beginning. 

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