PYP 5 Gets a Look at Renewable Energy

PYP 5 Gets a Look at Renewable Energy

(Text by Ms Trisha H)

PYP 5 students had the opportunity to see how China is taking the lead on renewable energy investment and development as an extension to their classroom investigation of how energy may be converted, transformed and used to support progress.  This is all a part of their unit of inquiry into How the World Works, and this trip proved to be a wonderful, real-world look into what they’ve been learning.
Located about an hour’s drive from the school at the NESI New Energy Solutions plant, students experienced how different types of solar panels were used to provide electricity to greenhouses to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers. They also toured the manufacturing facility where they gained insight into how solar panels were constructed. The students asked many great questions and got to see, first-hand, how China is growing as an investor and producer in renewable energy.

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