Grade 4 ski trip

On 14 February, Grade 4 joined Grades 5 and 1 on a ski trip. Here are photos of 4th graders skiing taken from the day.IMG_7330 IMG_7329 IMG_7328 IMG_7327 IMG_7326

IMG_7321 IMG_7320 IMG_7319 IMG_7318 IMG_7317 IMG_7316 IMG_7315 IMG_7314 IMG_7313 IMG_7312 IMG_7311 IMG_7310 IMG_7309 IMG_7306IMG_7304 IMG_7307IMG_7308IMG_7305IMG_7303 IMG_7301 IMG_7302IMG_7300 IMG_7297 IMG_7296 IMG_7295 IMG_7294 IMG_7293 IMG_7292 IMG_7291 IMG_7290 IMG_7289

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