Grade 4 field trip: Matter and materials unit

Grade 4 students are learning that “natural materials can undergo changes that may provide challenges and benefits for society and the environment.” This is the central idea for the Matter and materials unit of inquiry which falls under the transdisciplinary theme How the world works.

To learn how materials undergo changes, the class visited 二月二农场”February Second Farm” where we learned the process of making flour from wheat; what you need to do to make steam bun (馒头) from flour; and the processes involved in making warm soya milk. We also learned about the role steam buns play in Chinese culture and traditions.

Below are photos and videos from this field trip.

IMG_7434 IMG_7431 IMG_7435 IMG_7437 IMG_7429 IMG_7428 IMG_7427 IMG_7426 IMG_7425 IMG_7422IMG_7424

IMG_7420 IMG_7419 IMG_7418 IMG_7417 IMG_7416 IMG_7415 IMG_7414 IMG_7412 IMG_7411 IMG_7410 IMG_7407 IMG_7406 IMG_7405 IMG_7404 IMG_7403 IMG_7401 IMG_7400 IMG_7399 IMG_7398 IMG_7397 IMG_7396 IMG_7395 IMG_7394 IMG_7393 IMG_7392 IMG_7391 IMG_7390 IMG_7388 IMG_7387 IMG_7386 IMG_7385 IMG_7383

IMG_7380 IMG_7379 IMG_7378 IMG_7377 IMG_7376 IMG_7375 IMG_7371 IMG_7370

IMG_7368 IMG_7367 IMG_7366 IMG_7365 IMG_7364

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