Grade 2 Poetry Slam!

Grade 2 Poetry Slam!

We began our unit on poetry by putting together our central idea and lines of inquiry in small groups and then discussing as a whole class what we understood and the questions we had. We then decided to create our Book of Poems so that we could organize poems we would read and study throughout our unit as well as poems written by us. 


We used our books of poems to collect the poems we leaned about throughout our unit. We loved it so much that we want to continue adding poems until the end of the school year.


Among the many poems we learned about we really enjoyed Individuality, which is also a song, written by Kath Bee. We split up into groups and took broke it down by illustrating it to demonstrate our understanding of it.


During our unit on Poetry, we focused on shape and space for math. We began our exploration with tangrams. We also made the connection with our previous unit on inventions and learned about how tangrams were invented. We really enjoyed being thinkers and coming up with creative designs.


We went even further in making connections and wrote both narrative and opinion writing pieces for our tangram illustrations! When we completed our final draft we were very excited to share them with one another.


After a short yet very productive unit we began to prepare for our Poetry Slam and with the help of Ms. Cecilia we made our t-shirts for the big day…


We invited our parents and PYP friends to our Grade 2 Poetry Slam at a beautiful tea house. We began the show by sharing with everyone the Heart & Brain Declaration we say together every morning during our class meeting. It is a way to remind ourselves to have a positive attitude for a peaceful and productive day.


We shared a poem we learned in our Chinese class with Ms. Stefanie. We also made connections to our first unit of inquiry, in which we learned about celebrations, by reading a poem with actions in honor of St. Patricks’ Day, celebrated in Ireland on March 17th. We read a small poem from Dr. Seuss’ book Oh, the Thinks you can Think in honor of his birthday celebrated in the United States on March 2nd.


We were really proud of sharing the poems we wrote individually, with a partner, or in a small group…


As the diverse school and class that we are, we acknowledged the different languages that represent us in Grade 2 and decided to recite poems in Korean, Spanish, and German!

language poems

We integrated with our drama teacher Ms. Lauren and read aloud and performed group poems about insects in lieu of Spring…


We also felt very proud of reading aloud two of our favorite poems that we each wrote in Ms. Apple’s Chinese class.


We closed our Poetry Slam by singing one of our favorite songs…Individuality and in the end we surprised our audience with party poppers!


While preparing for our unit celebration we also took some time off and headed down to the Peony Cottage classroom to read with our EC Reading Buddies.


As life long learners we constantly reflect about what we have learned and we closed our unit with a reflection. Please click on the links below this picture for some videos from our wonderful Poetry Slam.


My Attitude Makes a Difference

Heart & Brain Declaration

Leprechaun Stew

Individuality song

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