Beginning of 2017 Memories

Beginning of 2017 Memories

After various activities where we practiced how to regroup when adding we moved on to borrowing. We had a conversation about why we need to borrow and then applied our skills with multiple exercises that we recorded in our math notebooks.


For this unit in writing we learned and practiced how to write about reading. We were divided into four groups and read informational text about transportation inventions, which we connected to our previous unit on transportation. We organized our work by selecting the most important information from the reading and presenting it as what it was like in the past, today, and possible innovations of the future. In the process we didn’t just practice our writing skills, we also learned important skills such as: cooperation, patience, collaboration, and decision making.


Before our field trip to the printing shop we refreshed our memory on the invention of printing and the process involved.


Like great learners we always take time to reflect on our learning…


We absolutely had a blast working with a partner and becoming inventors! We began the process by brainstorming possible inventions… then we reflected on how our invention would impact people, the characteristics of our invention, and how we came up with the idea in the first place. We then made a sketch of what our invention would look like and the best part was using play dough to make a model!


We took some time and celebrated Valentine’s Day with our friends from Grade 3 by celebrating our friendship!


Thank you Grade 3 and Grade 5 for awesome unit celebrations…we really enjoyed seeing the amount of creativity, team work, and dedication that our Grade 3 friends put into creating their own countries as part of their unit of inquiry on building communities. We especially loved their message of PEACE!!! We had fun learning about energy from our Grade 5 friends through their well organized and informational versions of Monopoly.



We had an awesome time working with our Grade 3 friends in presenting Friendshape to our PYP friends at our sharing assembly. We love the message of friendship and hope that we all continue working on always choosing to be KIND!


Last, but not least we had a BLAST on our ski trip!


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