Artist visits Grade 4

Artist visits Grade 4

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Zhangtinglin is a sculptor and painter of traditional Chinese painting. He is based in Qingdao. He visited the Grade 4 class on 28 April 2017 in connection to the Grade 4 unit on “Art Talks”. This unit falls under the transdisciplinary theme How we express ourselves.

The central idea for this unit is “Throughout history, people have interacted with each other and communicated using arts.”

The lines of inquiry are:

  • development of art forms over time
  • how art works provide insight and information
  • the role of arts in different cultures, place and times

Mr Zhang guided the class to carefully observe details in the various traditional Chinese-style painting. Students were also guided into making their own art work that makes use of their imagination and creativity.


Lower school assistant principal PYP Coordinator IB Workshop Leader IB School Visitor IB Consultant

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