Authors and the attributes of the IB LP

Authors and the attributes of the IB LP

Two great Canadians,  Ellen Uhlig Rumsey (author) and Debra Toutloff (illustrator) FaceTimed with PYP4,5,6 students. This interaction focused on discussing Uhlig and Touloff’s first collaboration”Finders Keepers”.

Besides sharing with students how the ideas for the book emerged, and some important details about their creative process, Ellen and Debra took the time to answer questions our PYP students had prepared for them. Students asked about their passion for cats, the reasons why they support animal rights, how writing and illustrating is different, as well as their new book- which they got a sneak peak of.

Ellen and Debra showed great examples of how to be caring, socially responsible, hence helping our PYP students see how the IB Learner Profile can be lived.

Our PYP students truly enjoyed “Finders Keepers”, and they had a fantastic time speaking to their creators!

This interaction was a great example of the power of reading, one of the best ways to demonstrate one’s passion lifelong learning, one of QAIS Mission Statement core values.

Teaching & Learning, and Language Coordinator

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