QAIS Teachers bring stories to life

QAIS Teachers bring stories to life

The QAIS community hosts a group of talented teachers!

To support QAIS Literacy Week 2017, MYP/DP teachers and our very own principal took a few minutes to come to PYP and read to our PYP1, PYP2, and PYP3 students. Mr Dustman, Mr McCarthy, Mr Quist, and Mr North, are natural story tellers who are able to make a story come to life.

Not only were our PYP students mesmerised by the fantastic way in which our MYP/DP teachers delivered the story, but also enjoyed the interaction with teachers they do not see as often.

We are hoping that simple efforts like this contribute to blurring the lines between programes, and help us to see QAIS as one single experience, in which being part of all of our programs is equally important.

Teaching & Learning, and Language Coordinator

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