Books are magic

Books are magic

QAIS had the pleasure to host Australian author Ken Spillman.

QAIS PYP students had the opportunity to hear a few stories read by their author. Likewise, they had the opportunity to ask and answer questions about books and imagination. Likewise, QAIS PYP students their passion for reading and also showcased their knowledge of literacy skills by asking about the writing and editing processes, as well as storytelling, and their favourite books.

Reading is a way in which one can demonstrate love for lifelong learning, and QAIS PYP students have repeatedly shown that they can certainly be readers today in order to become writers, storytellers, and passionate learners tomorrow.

QAIS literacy week 2017 counted with the support of teachers, parents, and also hosted authors who either interacted face to face with students or via e-visits. As we bring this experience to a closure, we can only look forward to the literacy week 2018.


Teaching & Learning, and Language Coordinator

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