Montessori Early Childhood Takes a Flying Start

Montessori Early Childhood Takes a Flying Start

Welcome to the new academic year to all new students and families in Peony, Lotus and Plum Blossom Cottage! Our first weeks of school have been filled with excitement and positive energy brought in by the new and returning students and teachers.


“This then is the first duty of an educator: to stir up life but leave it free to develop.”

Maria Montessori



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There are many things happening in Peony, Lotus, and Plum Blossom Cottage. In the first weeks, children in Peony Cottage got themselves settled by choosing simple work, such as Pink Cubes and Wet Pouring, which they are familiar with from the previous year. These are the types of activities that soothe them when dealing with the new school year, new teacher/s and new friends. Some already enjoyed working with peers, combining different shapes to form a beautiful pattern or Tessellation (a mathematical concept to be developed in Geometry in later years).



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Lotus Cottage students have taken some time to reacquaint themselves with old friends and welcome many new members to their learning family. They have all been working really hard to practice the ground rules of the classroom and love to help one another remember them.  They have participated in a variety of activities to grow their appetite for exploring, inquiry and learning.  Since the start of the school year, some of the children in Lotus Cottage have made paper mache globes, while others have conducted mini-science experiments.  Many of them also constructed a variety of buildings, structures, and designs using wooden blocks, colored shapes and 3D puzzles.  There is so much for the children to do this year and they are looking forward to going farther and reaching higher!




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Children in Plum Blossom have slowly returned to their routines, even though there were still a few tears from new students’ separation. However, by the end of the week children have gradually overcome their anxiety. We are proud of the returning children who have been very helpful with their young peers. They showed how to do work, read books, walk with slow feet, use an inside voice, wash hands and get snacks.





Our general focus for the past weeks in the three classrooms has been on the introduction of the new classroom environment as well as Grace & Courtesy. Then  our focus shifted to activities that are more academic such as Mathematics and English Language as well as the Units of Inquiry. The returning children will complete the full cycle of activity with the Montessori materials and curriculum.

Units of Inquiry this year cover four interesting unit studies; Stories, Senses, Earth’s Cycle, and Spaces. Peony, Lotus and Plum Blossom teachers are collaborating in taking the lead on developing lesson plans and activities for each unit to make learning more hands-on, meaningful, and fun for the children.

Watch this blog for regular updates on what is happening!

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