Welcome to Bamboo Cottage

Welcome to Bamboo Cottage

Welcome all new families and students to this new academic year in Bamboo Cottage!

Welcome to our returning families and students!

It has been wonderful to welcome known faces willing to keep learning and new inquiring children with a strong curiosity to explore their new environment, in our cozy class.

The first weeks have flown by and days are busy in Bamboo Cottage where our little ones find many opportunities to develop their independence, confidence, creativity and enthusiasm. Our students are full of energy and curiosity and they really love to keep themselves engaged in learning experiences.

Focused faces on practical life activities, sensorial, language and psycho-motor activities can be observed throughout the day. Children are free to choose any work available in the classroom and they love to work repeatedly until mastering the task. It is wonderful to see the happiness in their faces after successfully accomplishing their work. Have a look!

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