The Plum Blossom September Journey

The Plum Blossom September Journey

I would like to thank you for coming to our Open House last week. I enjoyed the meaningful conversations we had. I totally understand if some parents couldn’t make it to the event, however, I welcome concerns or questions you might have anytime.


Please welcome Ms. Amelia, our new intern, to Plum Blossom cottage! She is currently taking Montessori training at Baishan and has been with us in our classroom every day from morning until noon to learn more about Montessori education. Ms. Amelia has been a great addition to our class; she is a caring, gentle soul who has been quickly loved by lots of children.

The last two weeks have been a fun time for the Plum Blossom children. Once a week, Ms. Kristen leads the morning circle, and Ms. Samara leads a fun arts and crafts activity, which the children love very much.

It is great to see everyone getting much better at settling and adjusting themselves in the classroom. They have begun to demonstrate an ability to concentrate on a lesson and collaborate with peers to learn from one another. We celebrated Eric and Julien’s fifth birthdays. Many thanks to Eric’s mom and Julien’s mom and dad for coming and sharing stories about their child.

This week, we practiced our Fire Drill and followed the safety procedures of our school. To prepare, we discussed the importance of collaboration in an emergency circumstance. They know that the behaviors expected in that situation were to be calm, focus, stay as a group. During the drill, everyone followed our instructions well.

On Monday morning, our 3 year-olds and napping children spent time reading a story and browsing books in the library. This was the first time these students had visited our school library as we had noticed their great interest in the books in the classroom. Students are looking forward to returning to the library every Monday.

In the afternoon, our discussion still revolves around the five senses. We started this unit by generally introducing the essential five body parts. One interesting question from a child arose during the discussion; “How can we say words if we never heard any words?” which led to our discussion to the use of sign language. After October break, we will narrow our focus down to the sense of sight, and all the activities related to it. We have prepared many fun materials for the children to use in exploring this particular sense. We encourage you to discuss the five senses at home with your child.

Finally, we ended our week by celebrating World Peace Day (Thursday, September 21). The school community got together and sang “Light a Candle For Peace” Followed by reading buddies on Friday. It was wonderful to hear our children singing along with the entire school community for peace!

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