A “Spooktacular” Halloween to Remember

A “Spooktacular” Halloween to Remember

On Tuesday, October 31st, students in Grades 3-5 took part in a Halloween Gala.  Planned by Ms. Veronica, Ms. Gloria, and Ms. Jade, students were treated to various activities that celebrated Halloween Eve.

3-D ring making was one of the centers and students were able to use tools to design a ring for themselves.  The Chinese teachers, spearheaded by Ms. Yuan, developed this center and came to ensure the success for all students.  Students left with beautiful creations that both fit the theme of the day and were quite extraordinary.

Lollipop ghosts was the next center where students turned tissues and lollipops into Halloween ghosts.  This center was coupled with games for the students to play while they waited for a chance to create.

The Gala completed with pumpkin basket making; this art activity allowed students to design a basket for their goodies. We had some very interesting creations!

From activities to decorations, students in all grades enjoyed the fun day filled with both creative and academic challenges.  Thank you to all of the teachers who gave their extra time to make this day special for our Grade 3-5 students.

By, Mr. Bacon, Mrs. Daniels, and Mr. Skinner

10 月 31 日周二,3-5 年级的学生参加了一个万圣节庆典。由 Ms. Veronica, Ms. Gloria 和 Ms. Jade 策划,学生们参加了各种各样的活动以庆祝万圣节前夕。

制作 3D 戒指是其中一项活动,学生们可以通过使用工具为自己设计一款戒指。中 文老师们在 Ms. Yuan 带领下加入这项活动,以确保所有学生都能成功。学生们留 下了美丽的作品,既契合当天的主题,又看起来与众不同。

棒棒糖幽灵是另一项活动,学生们将纸巾和棒棒糖变成万圣节的幽灵。这项活动与 游戏配合在一起,方便学生们在等待机会创作时进行玩耍。

庆典的最后一项是制作南瓜篮;这项艺术活动让学生们可以为他们的糖果设计一个 篮子。我们有许多有趣的作品!

从活动到装饰,所有年级的学生在这个充满创造性和学术挑战的一天中都非常尽兴。 感谢所有利用额外时间使这一天对于 3-5 年级学生非常特别的老师们!

Mr. Bacon, Mrs. Daniels 和 Mr. Skinner

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