Growing together

Growing together

Students are loving their time in the classroom, showing engagement in their work, and being knowledgeable of the routine. They have become principled and balanced, choosing materials and activities by themselves and exploring them as deeply as they can. The attention span of this group is increasing each day. Everyone has their favorite kind of activities although they are enthusiastic about working with other materials or even watching friends working on their own task. This increase in their attention span allows the child to spend more time on the same task and work on repetition until mastering.




Children are interested on the lessons given and participate. Children also learn vocabulary and increase their patience by observing and waiting turns. It´s cute to see how they practice those activities by themselves and imitate the same procedures they observed from the teacher. But even more interesting is to see how they make connections, develop skills and learn through their own experience, transferring the knowledge to other activities.





Food preparation activities are the favorite ones where children have the freedom to prepare their own snack, worthy effort made! Children are also starting to gather together not just during recess but also during class time, where they play music in groups, sing or role play. You can see for yourself…


译者:Paul Pei  11年级(作为CAS服务项目)



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