Light and Sound

Light and Sound

Another great start to the week thinking about ways that we connect with others and sharing our ideas through illustrations and words. One of our attributes is communicator and we have discussed how there are various ways of communicating and a powerful one is through the use of illustrations as a first step of writing.

We had a fun time putting our minds together to unscramble our third line of inquiry for our current unit How the World Works, in which our theme is light and sound: How people have used light and sound to shape our world today. We had a great share aloud of what are some ways we have observed and experienced how light and sound are used. From using the light to help us see in our school and homes to hearing a bird chirping in the morning to enjoying music.

We really enjoyed experiencing sound through the use of musical instruments. We wrote and shared our hypothesis about what we thought would happen when we put pumpkin seeds on top of the drum and play it. In the words of  Reet (Magnolia) “the pumpkin seeds were dancing” because of the vibrations!

We also really enjoyed playing the ukelele and observing the strings vibrate and feeling the vibration on our hands. In the words of Joey (Sunflower) “a vibration is like a wiggle.”

Another attribute from our IB learner profile is thinker and through our Think Outside the Box we were able to do just that. We each took some time to think about what we saw from a single image, use our imagination and creative potential to turn it into something different. We also wrote stories with a beginning, middle, end to go with our illustrations. We shared our illustrations and ideas with each other and we were so surprised how we all came up with different perspectives (a key concept)!

Thank you once again DP Physics students for joining the Sunflower class for a fun filled session about sound.  We really enjoyed all the experiments that demonstrated time after time how sound is created through vibrations.

We used our creativity to make a mini version of ourselves using foil paper. We then used the natural light from the sun or the artificial light from a flashlight to create our shadows!

We read the story Which Shoes Do You Choose? as part of our literacy time and then had fun illustrating what we imagine the main character Katie looks like. We also chose one of the shoes mentioned in the story and brought them to life through our illustrations.


We are sending warm get well wishes to all our friends who have been out sick this week. We really hope to have all our friends healthy and back in school soon.


Now it is time to start working on our summative assessment project for our unit of inquiry How the World Works, stay tuned…

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