Getting ready…

Getting ready…

We had an awesome 4 day week! We began with our Poetry Book, which is part of our year long unit of inquiry, How We Express Ourselves, in which we learn about poetry as a form of expression. We added the lyrics to the song we have been singing, Individuality. We love this song because it really speaks to how each of us is our own unique person. We each had the opportunity to illustrate each part of the song from our own perspective.

We are closing our unit of inquiry How the World Works, learning about the different properties of light and sound was interesting and fun. We have really enjoyed being thinkers and creatively making our own instruments that generate sound.

We continue having fun in our literacy groups with various learning activities to help us continue to grow as both readers and writers.

It’s always great when we make connections of our learning and this week Zachary (Magnolia) brought his spinner that has both light and sound…it was great listening to music with it during our snack time.

We love learning and especially when it’s new and different…like our new word path that we can walk along to help us become readers and refer to it for our writing too!

We really enjoyed sharing the poems we have been practicing during our Montessori time with everyone at the Sharing Assembly. We also enjoyed the sharing our other PYP friends.

As part of our summative assessment for our unit of inquiry How the World Works we are working collaboratively in teams to write and illustrate our own stories about the learner profile attributes and use light in a unique way to share them!

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