Meet Our Young Authors |走近我们的小作家们

Meet Our Young Authors |走近我们的小作家们

Students in grade 4 studied the unit of Conflict Resolution this term. The class was involved in an in-depth exploration to what makes bias become prejudice and why conflict arises between people. Students studied different roles that they could play inside of a conflict and how they could be problem solvers when conflict happens.

As part of this unit, students also studied children’s picture books and looked at how each book is written with a story arc. Students learned that each book they read showed a character on a quest to solve a problem. With their Lotus (Early Childhood class) reading buddies in mind, each student created their own original picture book that sought to develop rich characters that looked to solve their problems and conflicts through the narrative form.

As a final celebration Mr. Bacon and his class had a publishing party at Mokito Cafe near QAIS. While the audience sipped coffee and cheered them on, our students read from their original storybooks and practiced their public speaking and reading inflection in front of their proud parents and teachers.

Next week, students from grade 4 will face the final test as authors when they unveil their writing to their Lotus reading buddies!

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