It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year In Lotus Cottage | 这是莲花班一年中最绚烂的时光

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year In Lotus Cottage | 这是莲花班一年中最绚烂的时光

This is my favorite time of the year… between (American) Thanksgiving and the December holiday season that rings in the next year, there is so much hustle and bustle going on!  With a new Unit of Inquiry just beginning about Earth’s Cycle, the holiday concert to rehearse for, a potluck luncheon to look forward to, birthdays to celebrate and plenty of works to practice, Lotus Cottage will be keeping itself busy right on up until holiday break!
This is commonly the time of year for reflection and appreciation; Ms. Mia, Ms. Serene and I are thankful for the beautiful personalities that have made our first term in Lotus Cottage such a special experience of growth and learning for each of us.
Some Lotus boys and girls learned new words, others of us practiced writing stories.  Some of us poured water and sand to strengthen our coordination and muscle memory, while others of us tested our senses by using blindfolds to challenge us in our work.  There are those artistic hands who loved to spread color on paper, while others manipulated their fingers to create complex designs with blocks.  Some us got lost in story while others got lost in mathematical computations in addition, subtraction and multiplication.  We all lent our voices to songs about continents, the weather, ducks, rainbows, apples and bananas, and peace.  Each day at circle we shared experiences and talked about how we filled our buckets with kindness.  We have a diverse community of young learners, and even though a few have moved on since the term began in August (we are missing you – Troy, Ray and Leah!), we have found our groove and are working together peacefully and joyfully.


这也通常是一年中反思和感恩的时间;Ms. Mia, Ms. Serene和我非常感谢班级里孩子逐渐发展出来的美好的人格,让莲花班第一学段的学习活动得以顺利进行,并且也给与了我们学习成长的机会。
莲花班的有些孩子学习了新的词汇,也有一些人练习了写故事。有些人练习了倒水和倒沙子,这些工作不断增强了孩子的协调能力和肌肉记忆能力,也有一些人通过戴眼罩操作感官领域的工作来挑战自己。有些孩子喜欢用画笔涂抹颜色,有些孩子喜欢使用积木动手拼搭复杂的设计。有些孩子喜欢在各种故事中漫步,有些孩子沉浸在加法,减法以及乘法的数学运算中。我们热情的学习了有关大洲,天气,彩虹,苹果和香蕉和和平的歌曲。在每天的集体活动时间,我们相互分享了我们的学习体验,谈论了如何使用友好的语言来装满自己的小桶。我们是一个包括很多年轻学习者的多元社区,从8月份以来,班里陆续有几个孩子离开了我们(我们很想你– Troy, Ray and Leah!)。我们在班级里默契的合作,并且一直在和平,愉悦的氛围中享受着我们的工作。

Here is a look at what we have had to be thankful for over the past few months. | 这就是在过去的几个月中我们想和大家分享的内容。
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