A Glimpse into Peony Cottage |蒙氏牡丹班一瞥

A Glimpse into Peony Cottage |蒙氏牡丹班一瞥

This year is going by so quickly!! It’s hard to believe November has gone already. This reminds us of what a wonderful beginning we have had this year and how Peony Cottage children are truly growing together as a community. From learning how to express one’s feelings, greeting others (shaking hands), waiting for their turns, watching others work without interrupting or disturbing, offering help to someone, covering a sneeze or a yawn are just some exercises of Grace and Courtesy which form part of our daily interactions with each other. Ms. Tina, Ms. Lulu and myself continuously remind ourselves to display such acts of kindness, consideration, and respect for others by supporting our children to grow up to be caring human beings and instill in them a respect and appreciation of the world around them.

Beginning from getting our hands busy making moon cakes, slicing the autumn apples, digging into pumpkins and exploring the colourful autumn leaves and acorns at the sensory nature table, and recently being engaged with the many holiday crafts while practising their fine motor skills. In the last few weeks, we also sang about colours, apples, squirrels, the seasons, and now children are all very excitedly preparing to perform for you on stage in the upcoming Winter Holiday Celebration.

Our recent morning work-cycles have been long and peaceful with children quietly turning pages in the book corner while some others compose new words with the alphabet. Some focused on long mathematical calculations,both individually as well as cooperatively in small groups, whereas some got busy cleaning the leaves of plants and sharpening pencils. We listened to our favourite stories and some even creatively expressed themselves through writing their own. Overall, there was a soft humming buzz of a busy classroom with children concentrating on their work, engaged in conversations at the snack table or guiding a peer with his/her work. It is always a pleasurable experience to observe our young explorers in action and see the world through their eyes. While doing so, we are continuously reminded of our responsibility and priceless opportunity of being part of their early childhood years, as we grow together to becoming global citizens here at QAIS.

As we are nearing the December holiday season, and getting ready to step into 2018, along with a fresh beginning at the Baishan campus, we are also looking forward to meet new friends/students who will join our community soon. We are all very excited as we embark into this new adventure and move into our new classroom space with children.

“The first essential for the child’s development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy.”

– Maria Montessori

这个学年过得太快了!!很难相信11月已经过去了。这让我回忆起今年我们有一个多么美好的开始, 以及牡丹班的孩子们是如何成长建立一个真正的集体的。从学习如何表达自己的感情,问候别人 (握手),没有轮到自己的时候等待,安静不打扰地观察别人工作,到主动为别人提供帮助,打喷嚏或打哈欠时恰当地掩上口鼻,这些都是优雅与礼仪的践行,也构成了我们日常互动的一部分。Ms. Tina, Ms. Lulu和我不断提醒我们自己,要时刻表达善意、体贴和尊重他人, 以此来支持我们的孩子成长为关爱他人的人, 并让孩子们逐渐懂得尊重和感恩周围的世界。

从忙着做月饼, 切秋天的苹果, 挖南瓜,在自然感官工作台探索丰富多彩的秋叶

和橡子,到制作各种节日相关的手工作品,孩子们投入的同时也提高了他们的精细肌肉运动能力。在过去的几个星期里, 我们唱了关于色彩, 苹果, 松鼠和季节的歌谣, 现在,孩子们都在非常兴奋地为寒假庆典的表演做着准备,也期待着爸爸妈妈来观看。

我们最近的工作周期很长, 很平和。有些孩子在图书角静静地翻看故事;有些人用活动字母组成新单词;有些孩子把注意力集中在复杂的数学运算上, 一个人或者和朋友们小组合作运算;而有些则忙碌地擦拭清理植物的叶子,甚至削削铅笔。我们倾听最喜欢的故事, 有些孩子甚至创造性地写出自己的故事。总体来说, 牡丹班是一间忙碌的教室, 孩子们要么在专注的工作,要么和朋友在加餐桌上愉快的交谈, 要么在“指导”同伴工作……观察我们年轻的探索者, 通过他们的眼睛看世界, 总是一种愉悦的体验。我们不断提醒我们自己:在QAIS,我们将共同成长为世界公民,而这期间,老师作为孩子们早期童年的一部分是一次多么宝贵的机会,一份多么重大的责任。

我们即将迎来圣诞假期, 并准备步入 2018, 在白珊新校园将会有一个全新的开始。我们也期待着新朋友的加入。我们都非常兴奋, 因为我们会在新的教室和孩子们开启一段新的历险。


-玛利亚 蒙特梭利

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