Joy & Peace for 2018

Joy & Peace for 2018

What a warm welcome we had for our first week back to school after holiday…at our new campus!  Lotus Cottage friends returned to school in great spirits, rested and relaxed, and ready to jump right into the swing of things.  They came on Monday to familiarize themselves with our new home and became engrossed in “work” instead!

It is an earlier start than before, but our children have shown their skills of adaptability to be quite admirable.  They were just as engaged in their learning and exuded energy and cheer in their social interactions and outdoor play! This week we familiarized ourselves with the classroom setup, reminded ourselves of classroom ground rules and shared all the ways we practiced kindness –  like using kind words, exercising patience, sharing our spaces and favorite materials, taking care of our classroom, and looking after each other by giving hugs and smiles!

We are looking forward to getting more comfortable in our new home and taking full advantage of the wonderful new spaces we have. Next week we will welcome three new friends to our class!

Wishing you many joyous memories and peaceful moments in the coming year!





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