New beginnings!

New beginnings!

We are very excited for new beginnings in our beautiful new campus and classroom!

We began our week by writing and illustrating our favorite holiday moment. We were very interested in sharing with one another about all the fun things we all did.

One of the five essential elements of our IB curriculum are the attitudes that help us become better global learners and citizens: appreciation, cooperation, commitment, confidence, curiosity, empathy, enthusiasm, independence, integrity, respect, and tolerance. We shared our previous knowledge of these attitudes and then worked together to match them to understand what each of them means.

We began our new unit of inquiry, Where We Are In Place And Time, which is about inventions & innovations, unpacking our central idea: Throughout history, people have invented and innovated to improve their quality of life. We enjoyed working together in organizing the sight words and new academic language using the fun buzzers.

Each of us then worked independently in recording the central idea in our own unit of inquiry notebook…

During our literacy block we worked on the power of illustration…we know and value that an illustration can speak a thousand words. We look forward to sharing our work with our friends.

To help us begin to understand the academic language of our unit of inquiry we recorded the words in our personal pictionaries (a dictionary with illustrations). In doing so we are able to learn from one another. Our friends form Magnolia, Ula and Walter, inquired about what is the difference between invented & inventions and innovated & innovations. This led us to an important conversation about parts of speech and that inventions & innovations are nouns and invented & innovated are verbs. We love it when one learning experience takes us to another!

We wrapped up our first week of school in our new campus with an amazing whole school art community project. Thank you Mr. Chris B. & Ms. Lauren for organizing it, we really enjoyed making our own unique butterfly and look forward to seeing them displayed in our new campus.

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