Inventions and Innovations发明和创造

Inventions and Innovations发明和创造

One of the five essential elements of our PYP curriculum are the key concepts and in this unit of inquiry, Where We are in Place and Time, we will focus on change, responsibility and reflection. To help us better understand these concepts we shared questions that we wonder about related to the concepts and put them on our unit of inquiry wall.


To help us improve our school-home connection we each took home a placemat with the elements ( key concepts, attitudes, attributes, central idea, lines of inquiry)  of our unit of inquiry, Where We Are in Place and Time: Inventions & Innovations. The purpose is for us to review the academic language for this unit both at school and at home.


We are always looking to make connections, which makes our learning more meaningful. This week we read the book What do you do with an idea? It is related to our unit of inquiry because every invention and innovation begins with an idea. We also used the book to work with our interactive story elements map, in which we identify the title, author/illustrator, characters, setting and beginning/middle/end of the story.



After reading the book and identifying the story elements we each made an idea portrait, in which we shared our ideas for possible inventions. We then shared them with our friends…


Our interactive thinking map is a great resource that evolves with our unit of inquiry. We are adding both academic language and key words that are essential for our unit. For example, this week we added the key words inventions & innovations along with idea and adjectives to describe it.


We unscrambled our first line of inquiry: Characteristics of inventions & innovations.


To help us better understand our first line of inquiry we made a door hanger and on one side we put the word invention and the reverse side innovation. We then discussed some characteristics of particular inventions and innovations and made illustrations to represent them.


We also made a poster in teams and chose one invention and it’s innovation and identified the characteristics of each.


This week we very happy to have a guest speaker, Mr. Rafael, who shared with us three invention stories: the slinky, basketball, and liquid paper (white out). We were surprised to find out how each of these inventions happened in daily life and by “mistake.” This helped us to reflect on how an invention can happen when you least expect it and that we are all capable of it. Thank you Mr. Rafael, we really enjoyed your animated stories and the unforgettable learning experience you provided us with.


Another special thank you goes to Mr. JD for helping us create a memorable learning experience at school. He helped us to be able to watch the film Ferdinand in our own school auditorium, we felt like we were in our private movie theater! We first read the book Ferdinand which was written in 1936 and then watched the film which released this year 2018. We started the discussion about motion pictures and look forward to making more connections and compare/contrast the book and animated film. We also enjoyed making popcorn in class and this will most definitely lead to another conversation about the invention of the popcorn machine…this unit will surely be awesome!



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