Grade 4 and All That Jazz

Grade 4 and All That Jazz

What do jazz, found objects, Mt. Everest, e.e. cummings, the novel “Wonder”, and Skype have to do with each other? Turns out, quite a lot when you are in Mr. Bacon’s 4th grade class at QAIS!  

Grade 4 students are currently engaged in a PYP unit of inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme “Where we are in place and time.” In this unit, students are investigating how exploration leads to discoveries, opportunities and new understandings. Students are inquiring into the reasons behind explorer’s drive to expand into the unknown. Using this unique lens, students are becoming: jazz explorers; curators of their own mini “found items” museum; learners about Mr. Brendan’s (QAIS Science teacher!) preparations and the science behind his trek to Mt Everest; composers of jazz poems based on the exploratory poet, e.e. cummings; and, musical improvisers with Ms. Lauren when they Skyped with jazz musicians from the East Coast of USA to find the reasons for their musical explorations as well as to jam with them live! 

In this first of many blog posts are pictures of our class exploring with Mr. Brendan in the Physics Lab. Students learned the incredible physical requirements of such a trek and tried some of his training techniques including cold water immersion and no-air in the lungs push-ups! Students also learned about the oxygen levels at some of the world’s tallest peaks and why Mr. Brendan has to sleep inside a special oxygen tent each night to strengthen his lungs for the Mt Everest climb.  



四年级学生目前正在进行PYP 跨学科主题“我们所处的时空”的单元探究。在这个单元里,学生们探究探索者开拓未知领域的真正原因。通过这一独特的视角,学生们正在成为一位爵士探索者;成为一名迷你博物馆的馆长,管理自己偶然而得的“珍宝”; 成为一名学习者,学习QAIS科学老师Brendan老师攀登珠穆朗玛峰前是如何准备的,以及此次旅行所蕴含的科学知识; 成为爵士诗歌的作曲者,灵感来自于E.E.卡明斯的现代派诗歌;当他们和Lauren一起,与来自美国东海岸的爵士音乐家们 ,通过Skpye视频进行音乐互动时,他们又成为一名音乐的即兴演奏家。



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